Our Story

Kenn Buxton, Inventor and CEO

Kenn Buxton

Why we do what we do

Kenn is a pretty interesting guy. He’s creative, motivated and with his marketing background, he has a natural ability and desire to show the world how great ODii is. Head of business development, Kenn is great at scouting new retailers that would like to sell ODii in their stores. Kenn won’t sleep until every human being on the planet has an ODii either in their vehicle or in their home. Don’t let those dimples fool you, this guy is serious! To Kenn, ODii is much more than a gadget; it’s a passion and a solution to a problem known by many.

Kenn is a real guy, supporting his family - every purchase you make supports this independent inventor, and helps propel his work further.

Pick-Up Tools and Reaching Aids

ODii, the ultimate pick-up tool was created by Vancouver inventor, Kenn Buxton purely to solve his own frustrations with continuously and tirelessly dropping items (mainly, his phone) in his SUV between his car seat and console. He searched the market high and low and realized that there wasn’t a single pick-up tool that he found appealing or compact enough to conveniently store in his vehicle to retrieve the items he dropped daily. After extensively testing the pick-up tools that were available on the market, Kenn quickly uncovered the limitations of what was available to the consumer. The pick-up tools that he tested were awkwardly long, mostly single-function, difficult to use and were solely targeted toward male consumers that were using them for commercial and mechanical purposes.

After his realization that the market was lacking the perfect pick-up tool, Kenn decided to take matters into his own hands. He began working with an engineer and came up with a basic design that would eventually evolve into the successful ODii brand you see today. What started with the 3-in-1 Ultimate Grab-it Gadget, evolved into a sturdier 5-in-1 Grabber Hero Five with added safety features including a seatbelt cutter, window-breaker and stronger, aluminum shaft.  Shortly after, the 36” Pick-up Pro was designed for the tradesperson to easily reach into an engine compartment or clogged drain.



Ball Blizzard & Mighty Sport Fan

It was a scorching hot summer day, the one where you take a cold shower and start sweating profusely minutes later. After getting dressed, the sweat kept coming, above and below the waist.  Kenn was flapping his clothing open and closed in attempt to cool down and get some air flow when his son said, “Dad, you need something for that!” Like a cliché AHA moment, The Ball Blizzard & Power Bank was born. Designed to be hidden discretely under clothing, blowing a gentle breeze under or over your clothing for hours on a single charge. The added power bank capability is a sweet bonus. For obvious reasons, we added the Mighty Sport Fan & Power Bank to capture a larger audience.


Soothing Ass Balm

This product is a special feature created by Kenn’s brother-in-law, Bobby.  It’s a recipe Bobby has been making for years, using it on himself, wife and four daughters for everyday scrapes, skin irritation, itch, bug-bites, rashes and more.  After raving about it for years, Kenn gave it a go and was so impressed by its fast-acting relieving and healing powers.


Cocoon Energy Bath

As a believer in the forces of the universe, and powers beyond our comprehension, the energy Cocoon was developed. The Cocoon uses rare earth neodymium magnets to super-charge and bath your crystal jewelry and stones. Kenn designed this to appear as a functional piece of art while recreating the earth’s natural forces necessary for life itself.

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